Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell ExercisesDumbbells are very versatile tools that can help you to mold different body parts, including arms. You can get dumbbells for cheap online at sites including amazon and Walmart. Doing exercises for the upper extremities with dumbbells, which act as load, causes the muscles have to make a superior effort, so that you tone faster. In this article we will show you how to do dumbbell exercises for the arms. Here are five easy to implement if you want to indulge in exercise gym with dumbbells.

1) Build Bicep muscles

For this arm muscle, just return the barbell bottom upwardly forward. We can do this work both arms simultaneously or alternately, standing or sitting. With arms bent, hold the dumbbells with palms down. The activity involves the wrist putting turn palms up and then put them back face down. It’s a good way to strengthen wrists and forearm. You must be careful not to arch your back and perform a series of twenty movements.

2) Build muscles back and triceps

To beef up the back and triceps, it is best to start on all fours. We work with a single dumbbell that you back up to shoulder height by pulling the elbow as high as possible.
From this position, you can also get the side arm stretched horizontally.
3) Thigh Muscles

While standing with dumbbells in hand, you just have to perform squats. Dumbbells pointed down will be allowed. Be sure to keep your back straight without arching.

4) Build Chest Muscles

To build chest muscles with dumbbells, it will be installed on a floor mat, flat on his back, arms outstretched to the sides, and with bent knees raised on the bust. You must then raise both arms simultaneously, stretched over the face. For more effect, it will look for a slow descent and smooth.

5) Shoulder Muscles

From the standing or sitting, you just reach out laterally to the horizontal. For maximum progress, it is better to perform these exercises regularly, rather than making long sessions but too far apart. 3 or 4 sessions per week are necessary for optimal results.

Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises
Some women are afraid to do workouts with weights for fear muscular over the account, however, the exercise physical weight is highly recommended for your body.
If you are thinking about starting to do weight-bearing exercise, we recommend you do not hesitate for a second. You know that daily tasks and sports are developed with less fatigue, the figure becomes more attractive gait and posture is straighter in people who train with weights?
Exercise with weights, dumbbells or weight balls or bars does not mean transform your body into that of a bodybuilder. You can train with low weight, short sessions and gain the benefits of free weight training your body to develop an exaggerated way.
Their recommendation is to go on exercises depending on your physical condition and not exceed any three or four series with 10 or 12 repetitions each workout,. Always leave time to recover between each set, one minute is the best option.
Lucky for you, the weights can be practiced both in the gym as indoors only book you need a few minutes a day and purchase dumbbells to get home as easy and simple way. The best adjustable dumbbell is available on amazon.

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